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Occupational Health and Safety
Health and Safety

Safety is a core value at Buttrose Earthmovers. We strive to ensure all
employees are safe and injury free.

Employees at Buttrose Earthmovers are trained to manage their own
safety and that of their colleagues to promote an injury free environment.
Specific targets are set, and continuous audits of practices and procedures
allow us to review progress and ensure we keep pace in developing safety initiatives.


Buttrose Earthmovers is pro-active on safety management and has
instigated a number of initiatives to ensure continuous improvement
in our safety performance including:

  • Improving identification, assessment and control of risks
  • Increasing training and supervision
  • Improving communication to provide a more open, frank and responsive environment
  • Emphasising Health and Safety issues during daily Site Safety Toolbox Meetings

CM3 Accreditation 

Buttrose Earthmovers have recently had the company audited by a third
party to ensure appropriate measures are being undertaken ensuring
growth in our Health and Safety department. Buttrose Earthmovers are
continually delivering the highest safety standard. Annually the company
is audited by a third party to meet the CM3 standard. Our CM3 accreditation
certificate is provided in this binder.

Safety Management

Across our company we manage safety through our Business Management System
Manual, Policy and Procedure. Some key documentation for the management
of health and safety includes:

  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Management and Rehabilitation Policy and Procedure
  • Zero Tolerance Policy
  • Accident / Incident / Near Miss Report and Investigation
  • Project Risk Assessment
  • Job Safety Analysis and Safe Work Method Statements